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Hi! My name is Hannah of Lulu & Lainey Studio. I'm a maker, mom, and earring enthusiast. I started working with polymer clay as a creative outlet while trying to figure out life as a new parent. And while I don't know if anyone ever really figures out mom-life, I did figure out that I enjoy designing and creating. My hobby has grown into a small business that sells artsy and elegant jewelry to creative and whimsical people like you.

Lulu & Lainey Studio creates jewelry that is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and handmade with care.Β Β Please contact me with any questions or special requests!

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About the Name

I decided to use the names of two unique characters in my life to name my small business and brand. Lainey is my adorable toddler and Lulu is my cat. They make working from home a daily adventure.

  • Lulu - Cat, Customer Service, Seat Stealer

    Lulu's unique skillset involves stealing chairs from unsuspecting people to provide a cozy and fuzzy atmosphere in the studio. Despite her mischievous tendencies, Lulu's charm and flair for being fluffy make her a valuable member of the team.

  • Lainey - Toddler, Assistant, Chaos Causer

    Lainey is a rambunctious toddler who loves to dance and scream. Lainey is known for her energy, giggles, and knack for creating as much chaos as possible. With Lainey around, there is never a dull moment and nothing within her reach is safe.

  • Stella - Cat, Marketing, Mischief Maker

    Stella would like to take this opportunity to formally file a complaint that her name was not included in the title of our shop. Known for her naughty behavior and affectionate nature, Stella is a little cat who's a big part of the team.

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